Danish adventure group prepared well with raincoats!

Posted 22 Sep 2014

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Climbing up Mount Kinabalu needs some thought on what practical items need to be packed – not to be overlooked is a raincoat!

Prepare well and the challenge will be that bit easier. Familiarise yourself with our Preparation & FAQ page to get a full list of items to bring along. As did our Danish adventure group on our 30-day Expedition Borneo program, they really needed their lightweight raincoat!

Keep yourself comfortable and prepare for any eventuality! Knowing that Sabah is a tropical country, pack for every imaginable tropical weather condition. You may be the healthiest and fittest person you know, however Mount Kinabalu is a real physical challenge for most climbers, and not taking proper care of yourself during your climb will take its toll on you emotionally & physically. When you’re comfortable, you stand a lot better chance at successfully reaching the summit. The views are unbelievable, yes, but the personal achievement is just as wonderful! The 17 Danish adventurers’ climbed at a good, steady pace, and took care throughout their ascent to the summit in time to watch the sunrise too

Contact the experienced and helpful travel experts of our Head Office to organise one of our packages to climb Sabah’s iconic landmark, Mount Kinabalu!

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