Three of our clients so happy to reach the summit!

Posted 05 Oct 2014

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A group of 3 of our clients prove that the cold 2°C temperature won’t stop them smiling proudly, because they reached the 4,095-metre mark of Mount Kinabalu’s summit, Low’s Peak!

Our international clients reached the summit from Laban Rata in good time to watch the miraculous sunrise illuminate the surrounding Crocker Range mountains!

Windproof outerwear is highly recommended for climbers’ comfort, as the winds can reach such high speeds to cause the temperature to drop even further!

The sense of personal achievement is truly uplifting! However, this isn’t without some careful planning and preparation.

Travel experts at our HQ who create travel itineraries for our clients have experienced climbing Mount Kinabalu themselves, and will assist climbers’ with their firsthand knowledge to successfully reach the summit. Clients who have a little more time to spare can opt for a 3D2N Climb Mount Kinabalu package which also allows climbers’ to acclimatize to the cooler environment at Kinabalu Park!

Contact our Head Office to discuss with one of our travel experts on a flexible program to suit you, and prepare you to reach Low’s Peak!

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