Your climb is guided all the way up, and down!

Posted 12 Oct 2014

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On every one of our mountain climb packages we arrange a Kinabalu Park mountain guide to escort all climbers ascending  & descending along the summit trail from Timpohon Gate to Lows Peak Summit. Their guidance is mandatory by law for climbers health and safety!

Our Danish group of 10 adventurers is participating in our 30-day Expedition Borneo! program, where one of their activities includes the Mount Kinabalu challenge!

Successfully reaching Low’s Peak needs various factors, and one in particular is motivation, which Kinabalu Park mountain guides offer without hesitation. For the independent traveller, their mountain guide becomes their ‘rock’, to keep them driven to reach their personal success.

The rule is, a group of 6 may be guided by one mountain guide, so our Danish adventurers’ are led to the summit by 2 licensed mountain guides. The two mountain guides will guide only them, so they won’t share with other climbers’ and are free to climb at their own pace. Because Kinabalu Park mountain guides are local to the area they possess the experience to ensure the groups’ safety at all times.

Contact the travel experts of our Head Office for more information on the convenient perks we include in our packages to climb Mount Kinabalu and successfully reach Low’s Peak too!

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