It’s the scenic Mesilau route for the Morton’s!

Posted 20 Nov 2014

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Nick and Sue Morton experienced an amazing adventure climbing to Mount Kinabalu’s Low’s Peak via the beautiful Mesilau trail on our 3D2N Climbing Mount Kinabalu via Mesilau package!

Their first days’ program is spent at Mesilau Nature Resort, and acclimatizing at the quaint, European-style Crocker Range Lodge. Mesilau is on the eastern ridge of Mount Kinabalu and at a higher altitude than Kinabalu Park HQ, the terrestrial plant life consists of medium-height vegetation, moss-covered trees and rocks, verdant ferns – as expected in areas of cooler climate.

After breakfast at the Renanthera restaurant, Nick and Sue meet their mountain guide to adjourn to the starting point of their ascent from Mesilau. The trail meets close to Mount Kinabalu’s halfway point at Layang Layang shelter (2,702m altitude) on the summit trail, and from there, the Mortons’ continue their ascent to Low’s Peak.

Arriving at Laban Rata Resthouse, our guests dined and rested before an early bedtime because they’ll be getting up at roughly 3am to finish the last leg of their climb! They achieved their goal of reaching Low’s Peak and descended to 3,520m to participate in the ‘Walk the Torq’ via Ferrata activity! This is a more leisurely route than the worlds’ highest via Ferrata – Lows’ Peak circuit! ‘Walk the Torq is a length of 430 metres in total with epic panoramic views of the Crocker Range mountains!

The Mortons’ itinerary is specifically catered to suit their enjoyment by Sabah Travel Experts at our HQ! Contact us to discuss a program for you, and we will advise on the best preparations to reach Low’s Peak!

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