Getting to Low’s Peak: How difficult is it to climb Mount Kinabalu?

Posted 10 Dec 2014

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A popular question asked at our Sabah Travel Centre is “How difficult is it to climb Mount Kinabalu?” Getting to Low’s Peak when climbing Mount Kinabalu is definitely a difficult challenge, but not impossible with a careful plan to suit a climbers’ goals.

The Haugland family from Denmark reached Low’s Peak at 4,095m above sea level – and they have the certificate to prove it! One of the friendly and helpful Sabah travel experts at our Kota Kinabalu HQ created a 3D2N standard climb Mount Kinabalu package for the family of four to accomplish their goal of conquering the highest accessible summit of the Crocker Range!

To commemorate their achievement they received a certificate too, and it’s much deserved because climbing Mount Kinabalu needs some preparation: physically and mentally! A little bit of training for 2-3 months before attempting is recommended, even for participants of average fitness level. Even packing what you really need takes some careful planning because the higher the altitude, the heavier what you carry feels due to the ‘thinner’ air.

Get more details on the best pre-preparation advice when you contact one of the travel experts based at our Kota Kinabalu Head Office, and they will also provide an itinerary to suit your individual needs so you can reach the summit of Mount Kinabalu and get that certificate too!

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