Am I able to complete the Mount Kinabalu challenge?

Posted 17 Dec 2014

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If we are able to complete the Mount Kinabalu challenge, anyone else can!

Our Travel Centre Manager Alice and Business Develoment Executive Liz completed our 2D1N climbing Mount Kinabalu package with the exhilirating via Ferrata activity! Not just any via Ferrata either; the Low’s Peak circuit is the worlds’ highest via Ferrata, which starts at a Guinness World Record of 3,776m altitude!

The ladies (both self-confessed to be of average fitness) agree that the best preparation to complete the challenge is dogged determination: mind over matter. For a couple years, they had attempted the challenge on separate occasions previously, however their goals were hindered due to unfavourable weather conditions. This time the Borneo weather was on their side, and they finally experienced the mountain climbing activity they’ve waited to conquer for so long!

Get in touch with our Kota Kinabalu HQ to discuss a 2D1N itinerary to attempt the Mount Kinabalu challenge, and include a via Ferrata activity: either the advanced Low’s Peak circuit or the basic Walk the Torq circuit!

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