View Sabah’s Crocker Range from Mount Kinabalu’s summit!

Posted 24 Jan 2015

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Finnish guest Helena and Peter  are so very lucky to view Sabah’s Crocker Range from Mount Kinabalu’s summit Low’s Peak on our 2D1N standard mountain climbing package!

A Sabah Parks mountain guide will follow all the way up and down from the starting point – Timpohon Gate! These expereienced local guides are mandatory by law to escort climbers for their health and safety.

On the first day of the 2D1N standard package, we transfer our guests from Kota Kinabalu to Kinabalu National Park HQ to meet their appointed mountain guide.

Climbers Helena and Peter set the pace during their climb, and their guide will be close by to ensure they are safe. Once arriving at the Laban Rata plateau, mountain guides will assist their climbers to find their particular accommodation. The choices are between Waras hut, Lamaing hut, Gunting Lagadan resthouse, Panar Laban rest hut and Laban Rata resthouse. For those guests who reserved a place to participate in either of the basic or advanced via Ferrata activities, their accommodation will be at Pendant hut, and they need to make it there by 4pm for the safety briefing. The challenge requires a minimum of 2 days and 1 night to complete, and the view of the green valleys of the Crocker Range mountains from 4,095m altitude is worth testing your physical and mental endurance.

Check out our dedicated frequently asked questions section for answers on how to climb Mt Kinabalu.

Contact our Sabah Travel Centre to discuss with one of our travel experts what activities you can experience when you visit Kinabalu National Park!

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