All about Mount Kinabalu’s summit trail to Low’s Peak!

Posted 28 Jan 2015

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You could find out all about Mount Kinabalu’s summit trail to Low’s Peak, but you just need to climb it for yourself to fully appreciate one of Sabah’s toughest challenges!

When we arrange an itinerary for our clients to explore more of Sabah, Borneo, our travel consultants will address their questions and offer further advice and suggestion to complete their experience, particularly when climbing Mount Kinabalu.

To be physically and mentally prepared is necessary, and much of this will be due to the climbers’ efforts, and we provide general guidelines from the Alpine Guides Association for visitors to Sabah that may be helpful.

Your mandatory and experienced mountain guide may brief on the summit trail to offer some general information, such as the varying environment with altitude, the resting huts along the way, and the average time to reach the Laban Rata plateau for a climber of average fitness. All of our mountain climbing packages include a private guide so you may set your own individual pace, however one guide may lead a maximum group of 6 climbers.

If participating in via Ferrata activities, climbers will be given notice that they must reach Pendant Hut to receive a briefing by the trainers on the safety procedures by 4pm. Your travel consultant and mountain guide will suggest you start a bit earlier to make the briefing in time for the chance to complete the via Ferrata circuit of your choice!

Get more information on the different mountain climbing packages we offer at our Sabah Travel Centre, and be as prepared as possible to conquer the iconic Mount Kinabalu!

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