Mount Kinabalu’s other climbing activities!

Posted 13 May 2015

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There are other climbing activities near Mount Kinabalu’s Lows’ Peak!

Our Singaporean clients completed their 2D1N climbing Mount Kinabalu challenge (proving they’re ‘Game Enough’!), and they also finished their achievement off with another – experiencing the Guinness World Records’ highest via Ferrata: Lows’ Peak circuit (they had reserve ‘Game’!)

They were truly an awesome couple who gave their via Ferrata trainer a ‘run for his money’ when it comes to exhilarating daredevils!

The fearless twosome posed all sorts of positions and angles for the camera, as if they didn’t realize the incredible height they were at! It just goes to show how safe they felt in the hands of the experienced trainers and guides who are highly qualified in their field of Sabah adventure!

Before starting their climb from Timpohon Gate, their travel consultant from our Sabah Travel Centre communicated with them and their mandatory mountain guide for a general update, and as soon as they return to Kinabalu National Park HQ too!

Get more information about other benefits our mountain climbing packages include for our clients health and safety, when you get in touch with one of our experienced and helpful experts!

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