How to be game enough to reach Low’s Peak.

Posted 27 May 2015

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Downbelow’s Sabah Travel Centre have all ways to prepare clients on how to be game enough to reach Low’s Peak on Mount Kinabalu!

At 4,095m altitude, it’s some serious climbing – not in the sense that it requires intense professional training, but climbers need to complete the climb in a 2 day 1 night itinerary.

Our very own Sabah Travel Centre staff Magdalene and Lulu, complete our popular program to experience one of the toughest challenges, and not only did they achieve their goal of reaching the summit, but they have the experience of what their future clients will have themselves!

During certain steeper rockfaces along the summit trail to the peak, ropes are provided already tied along the way, where climbers may need assistance by pulling themselves up. Mag and Lulu may likely suggest to their clients to invest in gloves and good grip shoes, particularly if there’s been any rain.

Our Kota Kinabalu Dive Shop stock various outdoor gear to cater to the climbing guest and other adventure activities we can arrange at our Sabah Travel Centre to explore Kota Kinabalu and Sabah!

For more information on Mount Kinabalu packages, contact one of our travel experts, who will personalise a suitable itinerary for you to explore the famous icon of the World Heritage Site!

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