Mount Kinabalu: Sabah’s symbol of strength.

Posted 10 Jun 2015

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Sabah’s symbol of strength is, and always will be, Mount Kinabalu!

Japanese mountain climbing guest, Jun, experienced the Guinness World Record highest via Ferrata, Low’s Peak circuit, only days before the June 5th earthquake.

For any experienced mountaineer, completing this via Ferrata is most definitely on their bucket list, and how fortunate for many to have had the chance to complete it!

It’s the memories of Mount Kinabalu’s mountain climbing activities that will spur Sabah’s people and its visitors to support our beloved World Heritage Site to return to its previous glory!

Culturally, the iconic landmark has been a symbol of strength and deep rooted in spiritual beliefs of Sabah’s indigenous tribes. Such an event needs the utmost positivity for us to ‘move on’, and one positive aspect is that the whole world will learn something about the beautiful traditions of our ‘Land Below The Wind’!

Groups on our Expedition Borneo always find one of the most rewarding of their 30-day program is visiting the east coast for a wildlife safari adventure for a week. In that time, they visit our partners in the ecotourism industry to experience conservation and outreach programs and gain an appreciation of why we protect and preserve our nature!

For more information on the conservation efforts in Kota Kinabalu and Sabah, contact the experts based at our Sabah Travel Centre, who are experienced and helpful in creating a suitable personalised itinerary!

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