What makes Kinabalu National Park famous?

Posted 17 Jun 2015

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Kinabalu National Park is famous for its Guinness World Record highest via Ferrata, the biologically diverse Crocker Range, and of course the iconic Mount Kinabalu!

Climbers can stand at Laban Rata, on Lows Peak Summit and from certain Via Ferrata circuit can see the South China Sea and the mountain can be seen from as far as Sabah’s capital city, Kota Kinabalu, and even further. Many of our guests experience both mountain climbing, as well as scuba diving at our premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre in TAR marine park and, particularly on a clear morning, the mountain is a spectacular sight when on the boat transfer to our paradise island beach house.

Low’s Peak summit is at 4,095m altitude, and a really challenging climb for someone of average fitness, but the itinerary requires for all climbers to spend 1 night at the Laban Rata Plateau. This gives climbers some rest before continuing to reach the summit, and give every chance to avoid altitude sickness too!

Our Sabah Travel Centre are experienced in arranging a combined itinerary of mountain climbing and scuba diving, fully aware of the safety rules of recreational diving, so contact our experts for more details!

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