Coming soon to Downbelow: ‘Via Ferrata Teaser’!

Posted 01 Jul 2015

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A most exciting and positive news, so far: a ‘via Ferrata Teaser’ package on promotion is coming soon to Downbelow Marine and Wildlife Adventures!

It’s reported that Mount Kinabalu’s summit trail will open in September this year after extensive safety regulations have been met to ensure climbers will reach Laban Rata plateau.

Once the route is deemed safe, climbers will be guided to Mount Kinabalu’s Laban Rata plateau, at 3,333m altitude to overnight at their choice of accommodation before experiencing the basic via Ferrata mountain climbing activity the following morning!

The route is a 50-metre vertical route, which introduces participants to the safety rules of the cables and ropes when descending via Ferrata.

We’re so pleased that the positivity surrounding the re-opening of Mount Kinabalu has resulted in a quick return of packages to climb the iconic national landmark!

The mountain is world-famous, and especially now after Sabah’s recent earthquake, but it would be especially missed by our overseas clients – in particular, those who explore Sabah on our 1-month Expedition Borneo program. However, we’re anticipating a lot of local residents tempted into climbing too!

Contact our Sabah Travel Centre HQ to request for more information on the progress of the Mount Kinabalu summit trail to Laban Rata plateau, and the via Ferrata ‘teaser’ promotion too!

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