Time for Mount Trus Madi!

Posted 08 Jul 2015

sabah travel centre, mount trus madi, borneo, kota kinabalu, mount kinabalu, mountain climbing, kota kinabalu dive shop, go pro camera, hero 3, hero 4, photography,Since it’s been ‘calling out’ for more adventurers’ to explore its ‘off the beaten path’ summit trail, our Sabah Travel Centre have decided it’s time for Mount Trus Madi!

Standing at 2,642 metres, Mount Trus Madi is the second highest mountain in Sabah, after Mount Kinabalu. The route, from the starting point of the summit trail and back down, takes an approximate duration of 10 hours altogether. It’s also dense with primary rainforest, all species of flora and fauna competing with one another for natural resources which causes the most challenge for climbers when hiking up and down.

Upon reaching the peak, the revelation of Mount Kinabalu nestled in fluffy clouds in the distance, offers a spectacular sight.

Thinking to bring along some recording device to capture such beautiful memories of your adventure? You may want to invest in a sturdy model, such as the Go Pro cameras, which we stock at our Kota Kinabalu Dive Shop. We would recommend climbers protect their Hero3 or Hero4 in its specific casing. While trekking, attach it with a variety of Go Pro accessories too, like the ‘Chesty’ (chest harness)!

For the professional photographer, a 3D2N itinerary to visit Mount Trus Madi is recommended to dedicate more time to photography!

Get more details on our mountain climbing packages we offer to adventure Sabah when you discuss with our helpful and experienced travel experts who can arrange a suitable itinerary to suit your travels in Borneo!

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