Mount Kinabalu alternative: Mount Alab, Tambunan!

Posted 15 Jul 2015

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Mount Alab, Tambunan, is the next mountain destination to experience on your travels in Sabah, and a great Mount Kinabalu alternative!

Hiking to Mount Alab’s Minduk Sirung summit at 2,050m above sea level can be completed in either our One Day Fast Trek or 2D1N Climb Mount Alab programs.

After extensive research, experts of our Sabah Travel Centre created convenient packages for our clients to explore its ‘off the beaten path’ trail. A highlight of both packages is a visit to the Mahua Waterfall’s 17-metre vertical plunge, which is an attraction for climbers to enjoy once they descend from the peak. It’s really refreshing to have a swim in the cool water of the natural pool after the 12km trek, and definitely encouraged to enjoy the natural surroundings of dense primary rainforest – and why, our experts suggest a change of clothes and towel as part of the packing list!

Climbing to the Minduk Sirung peak is also great practise for those adventurers’ awaiting Mount Kinabalu’s trail to re-open later this year, and our Kota Kinabalu Dive Shop have some choice equipment for your adventure.

Get more information on our Sabah Travel Centre’s jungle trekking packages, all which can be catered to suit your personal goals and fitness level.

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