Mount Alab: ‘Real’ Sabah jungle trekking!

Posted 22 Jul 2015

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If you’re looking for ‘real’ Sabah jungle trekking, accept the challenge of climbing to Mount Alab’s Minduk Sirung peak at 2,050 metres!

Our Sabah Travel Centre experts, Steph and Alice, accompanied our international guests, Marco and Jael, on their 2D1N program, and they found it to be a totally different challenge to that of climbing the iconic national landmark: Mount Kinabalu!

Alice and Steph highly recommend climbing Mount Alab for a truly expedition-style adventure through the thick forests of the Crocker Range.

Upon their descent from the summit, the foursome reached Tambunan’s Mahua Waterfall for a dip in the cool waters of the natural rock pool, and they definitely deserved to relax after such a physical challenge!

Our Kota Kinabalu Dive Shop stocks many complementary items for such an itinerary, such as rashguards, which our experts would highly suggest investing in. Rashguard material possesses UV protection and is quick-dry, making it very versatile in catering to an array of Sabah’s attractions!

For more information on jungle trekking programs we can personalise, get in touch with our experts to discuss a suitable itinerary for your Sabah adventure travel!

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