Crocker Range: The Mount Alab perspective!

Posted 29 Jul 2015

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Gain the Mount Alab perspective of the Crocker Range when you reach the Minduk Sirung peak at 2,050 metres altitude.

Two of our Sabah Travel Centre experts, Steph and Alice, completed our 2D1N Mount Alab jungle trekking program. They are in agreement that it may be judged as more of a challenge than climbing to Mount Kinabalu’s summit trail!

Much of Mount Alab is thick jungle terrain all the way up and down its 12km (approximately) route, which makes a short distance seem somewhat epic! And they’re also in agreement that once completing the descent from Minduk Sirung, upon arriving at the Mahua Waterfall in Tambunan – this will be many a clients’ favourite attraction of the itinerary!

One great tip the ladies discovered is the importance of wearing the appropriate clothing for maximum comfort. Though there may not be much sunlight during the ascent and descent, it can get quite humid and rather than sweating into your clothes, your rashguard material will absorb your perspiration easily. It’s also perfect for swimming-wear when relaxing in the natural rock pool at the waterfall!

For more information on mountain climbing activities in Sabah, contact our Sabah Travel Centre. Below, located on the ground floor, is our KK Dive Shop where our Dive Shop Manager will assist you with the complementary equipment for whatever your adventure!

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