Mahua Waterfall in peaceful Tambunan town.

Posted 05 Aug 2015

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Mahua Waterfall is a vertical plunge waterfall found in the peaceful town of Tambunan.

At almost 17 metres in height and the river current flowing fairly fast, causes a fair spray of refreshing water from the Mahua Waterfall, and is a welcome sensation after climbing Mount Alab.

Our Sabah Travel Centre offers a few packages where clients may visit the beautiful tropical area, one program more challenging than the other!

In a 1 day itinerary to climb Mount Alab, visitors will be leaving Kota Kinabalu very early (6AM!) to start climbing to Mount Alab’s Minduk Sirung peak of 2,050 metres at 7AM!

On a 2D1N climb Mount Alab itinerary, guests will be picked up at 11AM, to relax before their climb at 7AM the following morning.

Of course, for those who do not wish to climb the mountain, there’s a 1 Day Mahua Waterfall & Tambunan program to visit attractions around the town, such as the butterfly farm and rafflesia conservation centre.

Our Kota Kinabalu Dive Shop offers a variety of equipment to make the experience more enjoyable, and one piece of gear that will be really useful through the untamed rainforests of Mount Alab is the Kelty Upslope Walking Pole.

For more information on our travel and tour programs to Mount Alab and Mahua Waterfall, and the KK Dive Shop products to complement, get in touch with our experienced travel experts!

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