Find peace in the Nepenthes Garden.

Posted 12 Aug 2015

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When arriving at Mount Alab’s sub-station in the Crocker Range, explore the surroundings on your first day, and find peace in the Nepenthes Garden.

A 1-day Mount Alab climb is possible, or either our Sabah Travel Centre’s 2D1N itinerary to climb the mountain, as both include a visit to the Nepenthes Garden.

Nepenthes pitcher plants is a species of Borneo flora and fauna that is…‘so Borneo’! Their strange appearance is what makes them so exotic, and learning more about their carnivorous behaviour makes them all the more interesting.

Climbing to Mount Alab’s peak of 2,050m is similar to our Sabah Travel Centre’s 1-day Halfway Climb to Layang Layang or 2D1N Explorer Package. Both include exploring the rainforest attractions that surround the mountain, and then climbing the mountain to witness the difference in vegetation from altitude.

Being prepared for an enduring challenge as mountain climbing and jungle trekking takes some planning, so contact us for more details!

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