Crocker Range from Mt Trus Madi perspective!

Posted 19 Aug 2015

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There are plenty of peaks to view Sabah’s natural wonders, but there’s nothing like a view of the Crocker Range from the Mt Trus Madi perspective!

The mountain summit rises to 2,642 metres altitude, and the green valleys of the Crocker Range can be seen for miles, offering the perfect background for climbers photo opportunities to commemorate their achievement.

Climbing to the peak of Mount Trus Madi is only a 100-metre difference from our Sabah Travel Centre’s 1-day halfway climb to Layang Layang on Mount Kinabalu. Layang Layang is at 2,700m, however the trails of both mountains are totally different in experience. Mount Trus Madi’s 4.2km Apin-Apin route is overgrown with tree buttresses and it’s a narrow trail too, making it more challenging than the Mount Kinabalu summit climb!

To fully enjoy this adventure our Sabah Travel Centre highly advise completing it in a 3D2N climb Mount Trus Madi summit package. Contact us for more details on jungle trekking the Crocker Range!

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