Mini-tour to Kipandi Butterfly Park!

Posted 26 Aug 2015

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As part of our 3D2N Mount Trus Madi summit climb program, guests enjoy a mini-tour to Kipandi Butterfly Park!

Trus Madi mountain is located within the Trus Madi Forest Reserve, just as Mount Kinabalu is located in Kinabalu National Park, and is the second highest point in Sabah accessible to visitors.

Before climbing Trus Madi’s Apin-Apin trail to view the majestic Crocker Range, and of course the iconic Mount Kinabalu in the distance, guests may traverse the surrounding area where there is a butterfly park at Kipandi-Moyog Village. The park is home to some 3,000 beetles (some endemic to the Crocker Range); some 1,500 butterfly specimens; 500 native orchid species, and more!

Contact us, at our Sabah Travel Centre, to visit on a day trip or as part of one of our unique jungle trekking expeditions in Sabah, Borneo!

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