Private tour of Sabah’s World Heritage Site!

Posted 09 Sep 2015

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Meghan and Eric take a private tour of Sabah’s World Heritage Site in our Sabah Travel Centre’s 1-day program, which is also on promotion!

The iconic national landmark, Mount Kinabalu, has just opened its Timpohon Gate to visitors and is fast becoming a popular attraction once again! Meghan and Eric themselves, will be climbing to the Layang Layang halfway point the following day. For today they explore the natural biodiversity in the forested area that surrounds the mountain, such as the Poring Hot Springs and Canopy Walkway and the Botanical Garden, which are all included in our Kinabalu Park Day trip. As part of the Kinabalu Park and Poring Day Trip promotion, guests will have as much time as they please to spend at each attraction, as they have a private guide!

Contact us for more information on our Kinabalu Park trips or any of our Mount Kinabalu climbing packages to prepare you for one of Sabah’s toughest challenges!

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