Downbelow Travel Centre reunion!

Posted 30 Sep 2015

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It was a Downbelow Travel Centre reunion between travel expert Mag and our guests from India who climbed Mount Trus Madi together recently!

Mount Trus Madi’s route is said to be more challenging than Mount Kinabalu’s Timpohon trail, and many experienced climbers would agree. Although, it could be a matter of preference, as Trus Madi consists of more lowland forest and its trail is fairly rugged. Low’s Peak summit is at a higher altitude than that of Trus Madi’s peak, and the lack of oxygen at that altitude is what makes climbing it such a challenge. Group travel is a very popular option because it’s a lot more fun, and we’d be delighted to host Imay, Giri and their friends’ next Sabah adventure challenge…such as climbing Mount Kinabalu on our 2D1N basic via Ferrata teaser to Laban Rata! And they’ll get TWO certificates just for completing those challenges!

Contact us at Downbelow Marine and Wildlife Adventures for more information on mountain climbing tours we offer.

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