Mount Kinabalu: the beginning!

Posted 14 Oct 2015

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The beginning of Mount Kinabalu for climbers is a world of difference from the Lows Peak summit!

At the lower altitudes of Kinabalu National Park, the terrestrial environment consists of lush green canopies and thousands of species of flora and fauna, which makes it still fairly warm and humid. From the Layang Layang halfway point (roughly), the temperature is considerably lower that climbers notice. Nearing the Laban Rata plateau, climbers will notice: the environment is boulders of rock with sparse shrubs of small leaves, as well as the lack of oxygen in the air. Mount Kinabalu’s summit climb needs preparation for all adventurers’ to achieve their goal – especially if it’s to reach the summit!

Get more details when you contact our Downbelow Travel Centre to create a program specially for you to climb the iconic national landmark.

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