A unique view of Kinabalu National Park!

Posted 21 Oct 2015

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Get a unique view of Kinabalu National Park from the canopy walkway!

In the World Heritage Site, the rare and endemic wildlife spotted by visitors is undeniably the reason why it is a UNESCO designated area. It’s still undetermined the value of preserving and protecting the hundreds and thousands of species of flora and fauna (only to be found in Kinabalu National Park!) In the Botanical Gardens, Orchid Nursery, canopy walkway of the Poring Hot Springs, and information centres, visitors can witness the incredible biodiversity of the environment found in Sabah’s Crocker Range. Downbelow’s Travel Centre will offer the Kinabalu Park day trip alongside the very popular 2D1N standard climb from Kinabalu National park up Mount Kinabalu – this will offer a well-rounded and unforgettable experience of the park!

Contact our travel experts about touring Kinabalu National Park and any other day trips to explore Sabah, Borneo!

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