Re-opening of Mount Kinabalu’s Lows Peak summit!

Posted 28 Oct 2015

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Before the end of 2015, the re-opening of Mount Kinabalu’s Lows Peak summit is planned to take place in December!

After many months of specialized inspections by mountaineering and geological experts from all over the world, Sabah’s iconic national landmark is planned to be completely restored; from its base, Timpohon Gate, to the ‘Roof of Borneo’, Lows Peak at 4,095m altitude! The summit climb of the mountain will not be as it previously was before Sabah’s June 5th earthquake, as that original route is too badly damaged. The confirmed route, according to reports, is a new trail that is similar (challenge-wise) and named ‘Ranau’ and another trail (still under construction) is named ‘Kota Belud’ – both names are derived from the view of those districts in the Crocker Range from that particular trail: Ranau district (to the east of the mountain) and Kota Belud district (west of Mount Kinabalu).

Contact us for more details on the preparation to climb to the ‘Roof of Borneo’ – view the ‘Land Below The Wind’ above the clouds!

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