Desa Dairy Farm

Passing the Kinabalu Park HQ, en route to Mesilau, the large green fields of Desa Dairy Farm and the surrounding mountains of the Crocker Range offers a picturesque view in every direction!

Early morning is the best time to visit for the clearest view of Mount Kinabalu and its valleys! The local Sabah community chooses this destination for its amazing scenery that draws newlywed couples wanting a stunning backdrop in their wedding photography.

Desa Dairy Farm is located at the foothills of Mount Kinabalu, and the weather is invigoratingly cool, which is why the freshest fruits and vegetables in Sabah are from the area.

Desa Dairy Farm produces pasteurized fresh milk and is part of the Desa Group of Companies, one of the largest contributors of dairy products and humane farming in Sabah. At Downbelow we buy our chicken from the farm since animal welfare is a top priority.

Friesian cattle (originating from Europe) are bred at Desa Dairy Farm for their high-productivity, and visitors are able to see the stages of milk production and try some fresh milk. A nearby souvenir shop offers original and chocolate flavors of fresh milk for visitors to purchase. Try the deliciously smooth fresh milk ice cream too! Flavors come in several varieties, such as vanilla, chocolate and the pungent local fruit durian!

Both children and adults will find it an educational treat to learn about the processes of manufacturing milk from its raw form all the way through to its finished product.

We can arrange trips to visit the farm for guests staying at Mesilau Nature Resort and Kinabalu Park Accommodation via a short transfer, its time well spent at this peaceful & educationall attraction!

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