Laban Rata Accommodation

Looming over the Crocker Range at 4,095 metres, Mount Kinabalu takes 2 days to climb, which means an overnight rest is needed.

At 3,333 metres altitude, base camp accommodation has been developed over the years for climbers to stay overnight before continuing along the summit trail to Low’s Peak.

There are several rest huts available, and collectively the accommodation compound is called Laban Rata. On our programs, clients are offered a choice of 5 of these rest huts, although the final arrangements are based on availability of bookings.

At Laban Rata, temperatures average between 22°C on a sunny day and a chilly 8 – 10°C in the evenings, so climbers need to keep clothes from getting wet because of the naturally damp atmosphere.

Contra to belief none of the huts provide hot water for showers with the exception of the Pendent Hut which is solar powered which means the water is sometimes warm if its very sunny. All accommodation is based on dormitory single beds, private rooms are available at Laban Rata Resthouse & Pendent Hut only but they are in high demand and priced accordingly.

All meals are taken at the Laban Rata Resthouse with the exception of breakfast for those staying at the Pendent Hut.

Waras Hut

The first hut climbers will encounter is a modest 8-person accommodation unit called Waras Hut.
Facilities are basic: unheated with temperatures reaching 10-14°C and a communal bathroom just outside the hut without hot water.
Waras Hut purely provides a space to rest and recharge before continuing on to the summit.

Laban Rata Resthouse

A few minutes past Waras Hut, the largest and most popular is Laban Rata Rest House, as it hosts the dining area for the Laban Rata Accommodation Compound. At night, generators supply electricity for heating in private rooms only.

Gunting Lagadan Resthouse

Five minutes further along from Laban Rata Resthouse, Gunting Lagadan is the next largest accommodation, and as with the other facilities, there’s no heating or hot water.

Panar Laban Rest Hut

At the highest altitude of Laban Rata accommodation compound, Panar Laban Rest Hut is another facility similar to Waras Hut. A simple outdoor toilet and shower is available. We would advise climbers staying here to use the shower facilities at Laban Rata Resthouse though!

Lamaing Hut

Lamaing Hut is a backpacker option for those on a budget. We use this hut for our 2D/1N Cheap & Cheerful -‘No Frills’ package. It’s roughly 3 minutes walk from Laban Rata Resthouse and its dining area, and is basic dormitory-style with bed, sheets, pillow and duvet. Bathroom and toilet facilities are available, and a kettle and cutlery are provided for any guest opting not to eat at the Laban Rata Rata Resthouse dining area on the ‘No Frills’ package.

Pendant Hut (Via Ferrata accommodation only)

From Panar Laban Rest Hut, it’s a mere few minutes walk reach Pendant Hut, Mountain Torq’s HQ.
The eco-friendly facility offers a cozy atmosphere with its aesthetic design reflecting the alpine huts of Europe.
Rooms featured are mainly dormitory-style. There is one private dormitory with 4 beds and one private double room.
The Via Ferrata climbing activities are easily accessible from Pendant Hut and with a view of the Panar Laban rock face towering above the accommodation you get to see the worlds’ highest via Ferrata!

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