Poring Hot Springs

In the vast area of Kinabalu National Park there are many attractions, and one of the most popular to visit, is the Poring Hot Springs!

The Poring Hot Springs is the name given to a large area of the park that houses not only the hot springs. Located about 40km from Kinabalu National Park HQ in the surrounding lowlands where humidity is slightly higher than that of the rest of the park visitors can appreciate the difference in terrestrial life.

Natural hot springs are a popular attraction. It is believed the sulphur-rich hot springs have healing properties to soothe sore and aching muscles. In our experience people are often disappointed by the hot springs. The natural spring itself is very small so concrete baths have been built for visitors to bathe in. It can be very busy at the springs especially at weekends and during public holidays and it not the secluded hot spring retreat that many people imagine. This said visitors should not be put off of visiting the area since there are much better attractions to see nearby.

At the same location, the Poring Orchid Conservation Centre displays rare and endemic species of orchids, such as the Lady Slipper Orchid. An estimated 1,200 species have been collected and documented for scientific research, education and conservation. Spend some time learning about some of the rich biodiversity found in Kinabalu National Park that designates the park as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

A 30-minute walk from Poring gate is Kipungit waterfall, and the larger Langanan waterfall is 90 minutes’ walk away, so visiting requires a Kinabalu National Park guide to escort for health and safety. Feel the refreshing spray of the natural spring water crashing onto the rocks below, and enjoy the peace and tranquility in the lush tropical greenery of the area!

Poring’s canopy walkway is very popular amongst nature enthusiasts’ to experience a different perspective of the rainforest. Walk along 40m high suspension bridges, that are more than 150 metres long, in search of rarely spotted species of plants and animals. Witness the enormous ‘king of the rainforest’ the Menggaris tree – a species endemic to Borneo!

Colourful birds can be spotted at the Tropical Gardens’ aviary, and other animals such as mousedeer can also be seen when walking along the trails of the wooded area.

One of the most visited gardens is the Butterfly farm, another feature attraction in the area and close to the natural hot springs. The butterfly farm serves several purposes, which are research, education and conservation of these beautiful insects! Within the butterfly farm, are its garden, nursery and hatchery, which all come alive with the colourful wings of the many butterfly species. When it’s fruit season, birds can also be present, adding to the amazing show of tropical colours!

One of the most sought after experiences is to witness the rafflessia flower in bloom. It is so rare to be found in full bloom, although a few of the buds can be found dotted along the trail. The rafflessia is the largest species of flower in the world and takes 15 long months to bud, and then a short-lived week in bloom! This is what makes it such a rarity, if seeing this amazing flower is on your bucket list, do let us know and we will do out best to find one for you during a Kinabalu Park Day Trip.

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